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Large-Area Hearing Loops
Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems (AFILS)

TecEar sells a range of professional quality Audio Frequency Induction Loop System Drivers, from industry leading manufacturers Ampetronic and Bo Edin (UniVox), suitable for churches, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and commercial applications.

Please contact TecEar for hearing loop design assistance, project equipment specification and pricing: Info@TecEar.com

Hearing Loop installation

Large-Area Hearing Loop



What are the advantages of Induction Loop Hearing Systems?

    From a business perspective

  •  Businesses do not have to purchase, maintain, recharge, repair, replace, sanitize, or issue and retrieve multiple assistive listen device receivers: users utilize the built-in T-coil wireless receiver of their T-coil enabled hearing aid or cochlear implant.

  •  An audio frequency induction loop system is flexible in its ability to easily accommodate one or a thousand users; there is no limit to how many may utilize the system. Conversely, large-area assistive listening systems, that require each user to have a personal receiver, will have a finite user capacity that is dependent on: projections of how many people might wish to utilize the system; how many receiver units were budgeted for and purchased; how many receiver units are currently charged, maintained and available for loan.

  •  Also, user acceptance and utilization levels are likely to be much greater than with other assistive listening technologies. These other technologies come with the inherent negative stigma of having to wear a device or headset that advertises the user's disability and raises concerns about the maintenance and hygiene of borrowed equipment.

  •  Hearing loops are an appropriate assistive listening solution for both short-term (transient) and long-term (non-transient) listening environments.

  •  Hearing Loops offer a cost-effective, large-area assistive listening solution with the likelihood of a high degree of user acceptance and utilization as well as considerable ongoing savings in equipment management and personnel training costs.

  • From a user perspective

  •  Users can take advantage of their personal hearing aidís built-in T-coil wireless receiver without having to rely on borrowed equipment from facilities that may not maintain it correctly.

  •  Also, hearing aid users are able to benefit from hearing loop technology while still enjoying the customized hearing correction that their hearing aids provide. This is not the case with ear bud and stethoscope style assistive listening devices that require the user to remove their hearing aids!

  •  Thereís no standing in line to checkout assistive listening devices and return them after use. And, concerns about hygiene and sanitization are eliminated.

  • Induction Loop technology uses a universal frequency

  •  A hearing aid user's T-coil will work in any looped facility. This is not the case with FM and Infrared technology, where transmission frequencies may vary from one facility to another and require that the user has, or is loaned, a compatible receiver.

  • Induction Loop technology is an International standard

  •  For example, a T-coil user from the United States would have no problem using their hearing aid's T-coil in Amsterdam airport. Unfortunately this is not the case with other technologies such as FM and Infrared where transmission frequencies vary from one country to another.

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Hearing Induction Loop Sign

Hearing Induction Loops
for churches, meeting rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums

Ampetronic ILD252

Audio Frequency Induction Loop Drivers
offer quality sound and low maintainance

UniVox PLS300 front

UniVox PLS300 back

Customer Comment -

I recently purchased a Univox loop system
[PLS-700] from you for my church. I wanted to let you know that it's installed, and is working wonderfully!
B. M. - California
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