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MaxIT Bluetooth Loopset

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MaxIT Pulse Bluetooth Inductive Loopset, with replaceable battery, for Bluetooth enabled cell phones and computers
Free shipping U.S.A.

● Make and receive cell phone calls

● Listen to music and online radio stations via your cell phone or computer

MaxIT Pulse Bluetooth Inductive Neck Loop provides wireless, hands-free connectivity with your Bluetooth enabled cell phone or computer. Simply place the neck loop around your neck, switch your hearing aid(s) to T-coil, turn on MaxIT Pulse Loopset, and activate Bluetooth on your cell phone or computer.

  •  Suitable for Mild to Moderate hearing loss

  •  Wireless, hands-free cell phone communication

  •  Wireless computer CD/DVD audio and VOIP communications such as Skype

  •  Uses one disposable alkaline or re-chargeable Ni-MH, AAA battery

  •  Battery is easily replaced for uninterrupted and extended use - second battery included

  •  Single multi-functional button to answer and end calls

  •  Volume controls customize listening level

  •  Amplified neck loop provides good signal strength with reduced background noise

  •  USB single Ni-MH AAA battery charger and car/USB power adapter included

  •  T-coil / Telecoil compatible - BTE, ITE and ITC aids

MaxIT Bluetooth Neck Loop specifications

  •  Bluetooth specification: version 2.0 - compatible with Bluetooth version 1.2 and 2.0 devices

  •  Profiles supported: Headset (HSP), Handsfree (HFP) and A2DP for streaming stereo audio

  •  Weight: 22.5 grams with AAA battery

  •  Talk time: Up to 15 hours

  •  Stand-by time: Up to 500 hours

  •  Operating range: Up to 10 meters (33 feet)

  •  Battery: 1 Rechargeable Ni-MH (1.5v/900mA) included or replaceable AAA Alkaline (1.5v/900mA)

  •  1 year manufacturer warranty

MaxIT Power Notes

One of MaxIT's distinctive features is its use of replaceable batteries. Most Bluetooth headsets use built-in, rechargeable batteries which require several hours of non-use while recharging is in progress. Also, built-in rechargeable batteries may become a limiting factor in the life expectancy of a device. Because MaxIT uses replaceable batteries, these issues do not apply.

  •  MaxIT Pulse comes with a single AAA, USB battery charger for charging the 2 included Ni-MH AAA re-chargeable batteries via a computer USB port or the included car power adapter.

  •  MaxIT Pulse may also be used with disposable Alkaline AAA (1.5v/900mA) batteries.

  •  Users who wish to recharge the included AAA Ni-MH batteries via AC wall outlets (rather than a computer USB port or the included car power outlet USB adapter) will need to purchase a AC/USB wall adapter.

MaxIT Bluetooth Inductive Neck Loop with built-in microphone.

MaxIT Pulse Bluetooth Neck Loop
- T-coil inductive neck loop and Bluetooth transceiver with built-in microphone and interchangeable alkaline or re-chargeable AAA battery

MaxIT Bluetooth Loopset wirelessly connects your cell phone and hearing aid.

MaxIT Pulse Bluetooth Neck Loop
- wireless connectivity between your hearing aid and cell phone

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MaxIT Pulse Bluetooth Inductive Neck Loop

MaxIT Pulse Bluetooth Neck Loop

 ● MaxIT Pulse Bluetooth Loopset
 ● 2 Ni-MH re-chargeable batteries
 ● USB single AAA battery charger
 ● Car/USB charger adapter
 ● Spare battery cover
 ● User guide

MaxIT Bluetooth Inductive Loopset

No Longer Available from TecEar

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