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NoiZfree offers corded hearing assistance solutions for people with telecoil enabled hearing aids.

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- for hearing aid and cochlear implant users with T-coil.







NoiZfree-Mobile & Audio ● Corded



NoiZfree-Mobile  offers hearing aid and cochlear implant users clear phone conversations without feedback and distracting background noise.
● Built-in quality microphone for hands-free operation
● Black, coil-style expandable cord


Stereo Music and Audio


iNoiZ-Music & Audio ● Corded



iNoiZ-Music T-coil inductive ear hook stereo headphones
● A great alternative to conventional stereo headphones, offering hearing aid and cochlear implant users clear stereo audio without feedback and distracting background noise.
● Use with your Personal Computer, iPod, MP3 or CD Player or any audio device with a standard headphone socket.


neckLOOP  Audio ● Corded


NoiZfree neckLOOP

NoiZfree NeckLOOP provides a T-coil inductive substitute for conventional stereo ear buds and headphones.
● Listen to iPod music, Internet radio, portable CD/DVD players or any audio device with a 3.5mm standard stereo headphone socket.
● NoiZfree Neckloop delivers both stereo left and right channels so you hear the complete recording.


Computer Soundcard - PC Audio Communications


NoiZfree-PC & Audio ● Corded


PC and Audio

NoiZfree-PC is designed to interface with you computer's soundcard. Simply place the ear hook over your ear, switch your hearing aid to T-coil, plug NoiZfree-PC into your computer's soundcard sockets and enjoy!
● Make and receive Internet VOIP phone calls via Skype, MSN Messenger etc.
● Computer CD/DVD music, videos, pod casts and online radio



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