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NoiZfree-Mobile Twin iPhone Headset

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NoiZfree-Mobile & Stereo Audio, Twin T-coil Inductive Ear Hook Headset for iPhone.

NoiZfree-Mobile provides a great alternative to conventional headsets, offering hearing aid and cochlear implant users clear iPhone conversations and music without feedback and distracting background noise.

Use NoiZfree-Mobile Twin for Apple iPhone with iPhones and other music phones (e.g. Blackberry, Android) that have a 4-connector, 3.5mm headset socket.
Also works with Mac Books, PC sound cards (audio only), standard 3.5mm stereo audio headphone sockets.

NoiZfree-Mobile benefits

  •  No batteries - just plug it in, it's that simple!

  •  No feedback or distracting background noise

  •  Hear phone conversations with both ears

  •  Built-in quality microphone for hands-free operation

  •  Black, straight 36 inch cord

  •  Hear personalized phone ring tones and melodies via headset

  •  T-coil (telecoil) compatible - BTE, ITE and ITC aids

  •  Users must have a manually selectable T-coil program - usually via a program selection button or remote control

  •  1-year manufacturer warranty

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NoiZfree-Mobile & Stereo Audio for Apple iPhone

NoiZfree-Mobile Twin for Apple iPhone
binaural - dual ear hooks - black

 ● straight 36 inch cord - black
 ● 3.5mm, 4-connector stereo plug
 ● Stereo audio with microphone
 ● Works with most music/smart phones: iPhone, Blackberry, Android, MAC computer, PC computer (audio only) and audio headphone sockets
 ● 1-year manufacturer warranty

NoiZfree-Mobile Twin for Apple iPhone

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