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NoiZfree XTRA mono Bluetooth Headset

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NoiZfree XTRA mono, Bluetooth Single Earphone, Cell Phone Headset

NoiZfree XTRA provides extra volume for un-aided users with hearing loss or anyone who needs extra volume because of noisy work environments.

Make and receive wireless, hands-free cell phone calls.

Listen to music and online radio stations via your Bluetooth computer.

  •  Wireless, hands-free cell phone communication

  •  Wireless computer CD/DVD audio and VOIP communications such as Skype

  •  Single multi-functional button to answer and end calls

  •  Volume controls customize listening level

  •  Extra volume for noisy environments

  •  Single earphone

Beetle XTRA mono specifications

  •  Bluetooth specification: v2.0

  •  Profiles supported: Headset (HSP) and Handsfree (HFP) profiles

  •  Weight: 10 grams

  •  Dimension: 42mm(L), 24mm(W),12mm(H)

  •  Talk time: Up to 6 hours *

  •  Stand-by time: Up to 150 hours *

  •  Operating range: Up to 10 meters

  •  Radio Frequency: 2.402-2.481 MHz

  •  Transmitter Power: Class 2, ~1mW

  •  Power Consumption: 27mA (working); <1mA (stand-by)

  •  Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion 120mAh

  •  Charging Time: 1.5 hours - 2 hours

  •  1-year manufacturer warranty

* May vary due to use, network and mobile phone settings

NoiZfree Logo

NEW - NoiZfree XTRA mono

NoiZfree XTRA Mono

Beetle XTRA mono

● Extra volume for un-aided use
● In-line, multi-function button with built-in microphone
● Black mini Bluetooth lapel clip transceiver with volume controls

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NoiZfree XTRA mono Bluetooth Cell Phone Headset

Beetle XTRA mono
monaural - single earphone with extra volume


 ● Beetle XTRA mono single earphone headset
 ● USB charger cable
 ● AC/USB power adapter
 ● User manual

Beetle XTRA Mono

Noizfree Has Discontinued This Item

Please see:

Noizfree Xtra Stereo
with Twin Ear Phones

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